HBEA Zoning Work

Homes in the Boston-Edison Historic District are protected by the City's historic district ordinances and R-1 Zoning. The value of our homes depends partly on how well we preserve the historic architectural character of the neighborhood as well as preserve the single family residential designation. The Historic Boston-Edison Association, through its Zoning committee, works to promote compliance with historic and zoning ordinances through educational efforts, working with various city and county departments, and through legal action when required.

Contact the Detroit Historic District Commission Staff:

Jennifer Ross - (313) 224-8907 or rossj@detroitmi.gov
Audra Dye - (313) 224-6543 or dyea@detroitmi.gov

Detroit Historic District Commission
Suite 808, Coleman A Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI, 48226

Detroit Historic District Commission Information:

Historic Distric Commission handout: A quick guide to the HDC (pdf)

Introduction and Application Requirements: A brochure from the HDC covering historic districts, changes requiring review, and the review process (pdf).

Introduction to Detroit Historic Districts: The HDC, its role, and the benefits of historic districts.

Detroit HDC Guidelines: Exterior work on homes in the District must be approved by the HDC. Here's how to do it right.

Detroit HDC FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Detroit HDC and their regulations.

Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitation: Standards and guidelines for rehabilitation from the US Secretary of the Interior.

Historic preservation resources:

Information and guides: Detailed information, guddes, and links for specific restoration projects.

Historical Architectual Work: An essay and information on historical renovation.

Old House Journal: A bit about The Old House Journal: the best source of information for historical renovation and preservation projects.

Preferred Contractor List: List of contractors recommended by neighbors who participated in the latest HBEA Home Preservation Fair.

City Zoning and Property Ordinances:

Detroit Zoning and Land Use Information: Detroit zoning maps and classifications, as well as the Detroit Zoning Ordinance.

Rental Property Inspections, Requirements and Responsibilities: Fact sheet from the city spelling out requirements for maintaining rental properties.

Vacant Property Registration Ordinance: Fact sheet from the city spelling out requirements for maintaining vacant properties.

Department of Administrative Hearings: Citizen Guide: Information on Blight Violations: What they are, how they are issued, and how to respond (pdf).


Forms from BSE&ED: The Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department has their forms accessible online. The department also has information on property maintenance requirement online.

Building Permit Application: Application for Building Permit for additions, alterations or repairs to your house.

Demolition Permit Application: Application for permit to dismantle or move buildings or structures.

Application For Registration of Rental Housing: Rental property in the city of Detroit must be registered; here's the form to do so (pdf format).

Application for Vacant Property Registration: Registering vacant property with the city (pdf format).