Information for Residents

New Residents

If you're a new resident, here's a to-do checklist:

✔HBEA: Join HBEA. HBEA's dues support neighborhood events and advocacy.

✔Security Patrol: Join Boston-Edison's security patrol. Here are the advantages to you.

✔Tax Credits: Apply for the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead Exemption.

✔Renovation: If you're planning on renovating, make sure you understand the Detroit Historic Commission Guidelines.

✔CONTACT US: HBEA mails a neighborhood newsletter to all residents. Let us know your name and address so we can send you one. Also ask for a password to the website Residents-Only section.

Are you a resident of Boston-Edison? We've constructed this website to give you as much information as we can about the neighborhood, the city, and the Historic Boston-Edison Association.

  1. Neighborhood Events. Keep tabs on what's happening in the neighborhood with the Boston-Edison calendar of events.
  2. Historic Boston-Edison Association. Learn about HBEA, find out what your dues do, and join the Association!
  3. Preservation and Construction. Are you planning construction work on your house? Make sure you understand the Detroit Historic Commission Guidelines and FAQ. In addition, look at a list of contractors suggested by neighborhood residents.
  4. General Information for Residents. The most-requested information for residents, including trash, taxes, and preservation.
  5. Security Information. Find out information about Boston-Edison's security patrol, as well as general neighborhood security.
  6. Schools. Some information on schools near Boston-Edison, courtesy of the Skillman Foundation.
  7. Detroit-Wayne County Directory. Look up contact information at the most popular departments in Detroit and Wayne County.
  8. More questions? If you've got more questions, we have a page of frequently asked questions. Better yet, CONTACT US. We'd love to hear from you.