Detroit/Wayne County Directory

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Boston-Edison service districts

Dept. Location Tel #
Community Center Williams Community Center, 8431 Rosa Parks224-2989
Police (emergency)  911
Police (non-emergency crime reporting) instructions267-4600
Police (east of Lodge) Central District596-1300
Police (west of Lodge) 10th Precinct596-1000

Most-requested Functions

Function / Concern Dept or Agency Tel #
Abandoned & Dangerous Buildings Building & Safety Eng. 224-3215
Abandoned Cars Call Your Local Police Precinct
Block Club InformationCommunity Access Centers224-2989
Building Code ViolationsBuilding & Safety Eng.224-2733
Bus Schedules Dept of Trans. 933-1300
Bus (DDOT) Complaints / Questions Dept of Trans. 933-1300
Complaints against a City Dept Office of the Ombudsman 224-6000
Complaints about a business Consumer Affairs Dept 224-6995
Consumer Info Consumer Affairs Dept224-6995
Dead Animals Dept of Public Works224-4636
Debris & Weeds Dept of Public Works224-4636
Stray Dogs /Dog BitesHealth Dept. - Animal Control 224-7128
Dog LicensingCommunity Access Center
Financial AssistanceCity Clerk 224-3270
Fire (emergency)  911
Fire Community RelationsFire Dept 596-2957
Fire: Arson Fire Dept Arson Unit 596-2940
Firearms Hotline US Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms 1-800-ATF-GUNS
Garbage Collection Dept of Public Works224-4636
General Info TIP - Info 833-4000
Health Issues and Questions Health Dept. 876-4000
Historic District Questions Historic District Commission 224-6536
Immunize Health Dept. 876-4334
Income Tax Info Finance Dept224-3315
Police (emergency)911
Police (non-emergency)Police crime reporting267-4600
Police (east of Lodge) Central District596-1300
Police (west of Lodge) 10th Precinct596-1000
Property Tax Info Finance Dept 224-3560
Public Lighting General Info Public Lighting Dept 224-0500
Sidewalk Inspection or Repair Request Dept of Public Works, City Engineering 224-4636
Street Lights Out Public Lighting Dept 224-0500
Street Cleaning & Snow Removal Dept of Public Works 224-4636
Street Repair Request Dept of Public Works224-4636
Traffic Signal Problem Public Lighting Dept
Traffic Signal Out, Wire Down Public Lighting Department 224-0500
Trees: Trimming, Removal and Stumps Recreation Dept - Forestry 224-4636
Vacant City Owned Lot Purchase Planning & Development Development Division 224-2569
Voter InformationDept of Elections 876-0190
Broken Water Main Water & Sewerage Dept 267-7401
Water & Sewerage Emergency Services Water & Sewerage Dept 267-7401
Water Service Shut-Off Water & Sewerage Dept267-8000
Water & Sewerage Billing Info Water & Sewerage Dept 267-8000
Weed & Debris Dept of Public Works224-4636

Most-requested Departments: List

Buildings, Safety Eng. and Environmental Dept City Clerk
City CouncilCommunity Access Centers
County ClerkCounty Commission
County ExecutiveDept of Elections
Finance DepartmentFire Dept
Deptt of Health & WellnessHistoric District Commission
Mayor's OfficeOmbudsman
Parking DeptPlanning & Development
PolicePublic Lighting
Dept of Public WorksPublic Services (Wayne County)
Recreation DeptRegister of Deeds
Sheriff's OfficeDept of Trans.n (DDOT)
Water & Sewerage DeptBoard of Zoning Appeals