Attention! Attention! Attention!!


Clean Detroit 365

May 2nd and May 9th

Historic Boston Edison Association Beautification Committee
"Beautiful Boston Edison, Clean Curbs Campaign"

Have you noticed someone cleaning up the neighborhood? Picking up debris in Boston Edison's public areas? Who is it, you ask?

Well, it is your neighborhood dues $$$$ at work! The Boston Edison Beautification Committee has hired a contractor to go through the entire neighborhood - on all islands, berms, sidewalks, parks and the mouths of the alleys and pick up trash and litter from those areas.

Of course, we know that this trash reappears within minutes of being picked up. But that's where we as residents come in. If you see debris near or in front of your home, PLEASE pick it up. We can have a beautiful community, but each of us must "Step Up." Curb appeal is worth money to all of us. We cannot pay for cleanings throughout the year, so we have to look and remove any and all litter near our residences.

This effort compliments the Mayor's "Clean Detroit 365 Initiative" to keep our neighborhoods clean throughout the year. A clean neighborhood is a safer neighborhood!!

Mayor Cockrel's Clean Detroit 365

May 2, 2009 East of Lodge, dumpsters located at (1) John R at Woodland and another at (2) John R at Rosedale (both near Brush) and (3) Westminster at Cameron near Oakland.

May 9, 2009 West of Lodge dumpsters located on (1) Boston & Linwood, (2) Boston & Lawton, (3) Atkinson & Woodrow Wilson and (4) Linwood & Glynn