2010 Annual Neighborhood Attic Sale

Saturday August 14 & Sunday August 15, 2010
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
The general public is welcome!

Graphic of garage sale buyer

How Much Cash Is In Your Attic?

This year's annual Boston Edison Attic Sale will be the weekend of August 14th & 15th, 2010. Now is the best opportunity to clean out your unused treasures of clothing, furniture, household items, and collectibles. Turn your $10 registration fee into a potential $300 cash bonus! You can do it, and we can help. For an additional $5 you can advertise those special pieces with photos on the Boston Edison website.

Please remember that your registration fee is to cover the cost of developing signs, promotional flyers, maps, and advertising for this event. This is a not for profit event for Boston Edison and we do need everyone that participates to pay for registration in order to break even.

The deadline for registration to allow you to be published on the map is August 10th. If you miss the registration deadline for publication but still wish to participate in the sale we will gladly stop by your home on the day of the sale and collect the registration fee.

If you have any questions please call Rick or Michael @ 313-865-0916

To Register for the Attic Sale

All Boston-Edison residents are invited to register and participate! Download, print out, and complete the registration form (MS Word format) and return with your $10.00 (or $15.00 if requesting a web photo) registration fee to:

2254 West Boston Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48206