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Statement of Mission and Goals

We the residents of the Boston-Edison Historic District love our homes.


The mission of the Historic Boston-Edison Association is to safeguard the value, character, and appearance of our homes and our neighborhood for the benefit of all residents.


In pursuit of this mission, the Association has several goals, which are interrelated.

Property Values. Residents want the value of our homes and our investment to be protected and to increase. Home values depend on the quality of life in the neighborhood. The Association works to protect and improve the quality of the neighborhood.

Preservation. Houses in the Boston-Edison Historic District are more desirable than comparable houses elsewhere, because the neighborhood maintains its heritage and historic character. Moreover, preserving our fine old homes and their historic architecture is itself a worthy goal. The Association supports the City of Detroit Historic District Commission guidelines on exterior architectural and landscape features.

Security. The value of our homes and the quality of our lives, depend on the neighborhood being secure. The Association promotes security within the Boston-Edison neighborhood.

Pride of Place. Boston-Edison is a premier address in the Detroit metropolitan area. We are proud of our homes and our neighborhood. The Association promotes pride in this place.

Community. Residents have a sense of community in our neighborhood that is socially, racially and ethnically diverse. We share common interests in our homes and in neighborhood issues. The Association sponsors activities and events that promote a sense of community.

City Services. Better city services enhance our quality of life and the value of our property. The Association serves as a liason with the City and supports our residents as they press for the city services that they deserve.

The goals of the Association will evolve to reflect the expectations of residents. The Association will align its activities and actions accordingly.